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Raymond Fernando
8 / 24 / 2016
Thanks, Eaton

Thanks, Eaton! I am very happy with your products. Your cast-iron compressor pumps are 3 to 5 times more efficient than their aluminum counterparts.

Larry Johnes
7 / 5 / 2016
Great product Eaton

Thank you so much for the great product Eaton. It gives optimum output, even more than what I expected. I found that it is the finest compressor that I have ever used.

Emily Jacobian
5 / 5 / 2016
Two piston compressors bought from the company

We have two piston compressors from the company and they both came with massive warranties. In fact, I chose their products because the competitors weren’t offering me warranties as large as theirs. The best part was that these products didn’t require a start-up package. Prices were competitive as well. Commendable services.

2 / 8 / 2016
Highly Reliable Customer Service from Polar Air

I recently installed an Eaton 30 HP compressor purchased from Polar Compressors. I must say that their customer service is very good. They responded timely to all concerns and the product was really good. My all thanks to Polar Air.

David Dadson
1 / 8 / 2016
Responsible and Good Services by Eaton

Eaton was very helpful to my needs once my airflow needs were carefully communicated and understood. There were a few issues along the road but Eaton stepped up and made it all right.

Sarah Edwards
12 / 7 / 2015
Adequate Compressor Unit with Right Requirements

I am always concerned with how clean is the air produced through any unit. Mainly, free of oil and moisture. I mounted 7 hp 3 phase unit on 4" locking casters as an experiment last year. I was amazed at how little moisture went through the lines. The compressor is quite as compare to Ingersol counterpart. Eaton has right idea of what is required at any production unit. Highly recommend Eaton Compressors.

Olivia Grey
10 / 7 / 2015
Pleasant and Honest Customer Support at Eaton

This testimonial should have been written by me few years back. Nevertheless, its not that much late. I purchased a 7.5HP 2 stage compressor back in 2009 from Eaton. In a period of 8 months or so, it started making noise. I was about to check it as I usually did for other compressors in the past. But it was in warranty. So, any kind of tampering with a newly bought compressor would not have been a good idea. I checked with Eaton support center. They came and I can't tell you how they took care of my problem with the unit, just put my faith back into believing in Eaton. Not only will I recommend Eaton equipment but I think even more important, Eaton has proved they stand for honesty and integrity, and there is not more a person can ask for.

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