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Swarthmore, 755 S Chester Rd
Phone (610) 328-1500
Barry Jefferson
8 / 13 / 2015
The Worst

I was sent some paperwork in the mail about the 'Swap Program' through Nissan. I was preapproved for up to $39,000. The mail stated that my car payment per month was about $600, and I could swap my car for a lower payment at Loughead Nissan. On 08/11/15 I went because I was interested in seeing the new Maxima and Murano. Eileen was nice enough and talked me into letting them run my credit because they could switch me into a lease. After running my credit, she stated that my credit was strong enough, but my cash flow wasn't. This puzzled me as they stated that I was paying $600, and they were cutting my payment by a couple of hundred dollars. So she asked if my girlfriend would co-sign, because that would be enough. After 'she' spoke to my girlfriend and assuring her that it would happen...she agreed. The next day we arrived at 10:00am with her pay stubs. They ran her credit and said that it would take a few seconds. After a half an hour they said that it would take longer, so I said that they could call me when everything is completed. They never called me back. I received an email from Eileen that was just a general email. The next day I received a call from Nissans customer service to ask how was my experience. I told the woman that I didn't know, as I haven't been called. She said that she was going to inform them immediately. I still haven't received a call and today is 08/13/15. I just have a real issue with running both of our credit for nothing. Its as if they are purposely trying to hurt people.These salespeople will lie for no reason whatsoever. I have a 2010 Infiniti I didn't need a 'Swap', but I deserved a call back.

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